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Information & links

Most links will lead you to German websites but you'll get the idea (and a contact).

Salsa instructors in and around Bonn

Dance schools offering salsa classes

Event organisers

DJsMovies and pictures

Salsa on the worldwide web

Salsa on the radio (worldwide)


If you want your website to be linked ...
We have some requirements for linking other websites to ours:

  • there must be a connection to salsa (or members have to agree during general meeting of Salsa in Bonn)
  • you must be located in Bonn or the Bonn region
  • if you are not, we may still place the link if
    o it is of special importance
    o it is of particular interest
    o it is connected to Bonn because of DJs, instructors ... from Bonn
    o the owner of the website offers a discount of at least 10 % or Euro 10 for SiB members for events.

We reserve the right to decide which links will be posted on our website, as well as how and when they will be placed. If you want to link our page to yours, please ask before using our logo.

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